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Cloud Server from Chibage

Run your business without breaking a sweat. Chibage’s Cloud Server for Business let’s you deploy resources in minutes without lengthy setups and post-install configurations. Build your business technology on the latest infrastructure that allow you to share content, store information, deploy applications and much more. Cloud Server gives you virtual resources that include disk storage space, RAM, CPUs and the bandwidth you need to run your business applications optimally and reliably.

The benefits of our leading Cloud Server solutions are clear:

In-country hosting

Fast application response times are afforded by local hosting

Capacity for growth

Scalability previously unavailable from your in-house technology


Flexibility that allows you to deploy the technology you need, when you need it


Leading-edge datacenter computing power provided


A supremely secure environment with 24/7 monitoring

Reliable support

Access to our team of Cloud Server specialists

R110 /per month
  • 100GB Monthly Traffic
  • From 30GB Storage
  • From 1 Up to 4 Number of CPUs
  • From 512MB Up To 16GB RAM
  • Windows or Linux OS
  • 3 Free snapshots
  • 1 Public IPs
R140 /per month
  • 100GB Monthly Traffic
  • From 60GB Storage
  • From 1 Up to 4 Number of CPUs
  • From 512MB Up To 16GB RAM
  • Windows or Linux OS
  • 3 Free snapshots
  • 1 Public IPs

FAQ - Your questions? We got answers!

How do I know what CPU, RAM and Storage is right for me?

Your application-type and staff count will determine the resources you’ll need. If you’re running a small business with a finance application, for example, you’ll need entry level requirements. If you’re swinging at a higher weight category, with over 100 staff that access the server on a continuous basis, you’ll need more punching power. Talk to one of our specialists who’ll guide you through the decision-making process.

How can I increase the size of my hard drive for additional storage?

The large disk size can only be adjusted at the time of purchase, once you checkout you cannot adjust the size of the hard drive.

I cannot see my large disk/additional storage that I purchased?

The large disk or additional storage that you selected and purchased is allocated to your Cloud Server:

In a Windows Operating System, you will need to enable the additional disk/storage under Server Manager, Disk Management.
In the Open Source Flavours of the Operating Systems, you need to mount the Large Disk or Additional Storage.

What is meant by RAM and CPUs?

RAM, or Random Access Memory, is the memory your server uses to process requests from your users’ machines. So, essentially more RAM means better performance and response times from the applications on your server. CPU, or Central Processing Unit, handles the requests from your users and assigns the resources needed to fulfill them. You can upgrade all of your resources at any time as your requirements change.

How can I increase the size of the hard drive of my existing Cloud Server?

The larger hard disk options (50GB – 1TB) are not applicable to existing Cloud Servers. If you need to increase or add additional hard drive storage for an existing Cloud Server, you need to purchase a new Cloud Server with the large storage specification that is required, adjust the specs of the vCPU, RAM and Operating System.

Once the NEW Cloud Server is provisioned, you can transfer your files to the NEW Cloud and cancel the old server.