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What is more irritating than waiting for a web page to load, or your inbox to refresh? For most people internet lag can drive you up the wall, but when you’re experiencing connectivity problem within your business it can be more than annoying – it can seriously affect employee productivity.Want to get connected right now? View our Connectivity options here: LTE & LTE-A

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A few seconds’ delay on receiving an all-important email, or time-lapse in collaborating doesn’t sound like much, but it can be the difference between a task completed successfully and employee productivity taking a dive.

Ensuring that you provide a fast, secure internet connection is crucial to the optimal functioning of your business. In this blog, we take a look at how the speed of your internet provider affects your employee productivity and how you can ensure that your business isn’t susceptible to wasteful lagging.

Your internet connectivity influences almost every aspect of your employee productivity

It’s hard to think of any process in a modern business that doesn’t make use of an internet connection to function. From communication, to managing tasks and capturing and storing valuable data – all of these processes require a fast network to be able to complete tasks effectively.  Should an employee struggle to send emails with large attachments due to slow internet speeds or struggle to download crucial documents, they will not only become frustrated but their motivation will begin to decline too. The same goes for any other task they need to complete online. Providing your workforce with the necessary and most up-to-date equipment and infrastructure to fulfil their daily tasks is a must to ensure productivity remains optimal.

Research has proven that new approaches to technology contribute to increased staff satisfaction and subsequent staff productivity

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, there really is a direct correlation between the quality of your technology infrastructure and the satisfaction levels of your workforce – and there’s proof to back this up. According to new research by global accounting giant Deloitte and Google, flexible approaches to technology contributed to not only higher levels of staff satisfaction, but also retention and collaboration within the workspace. The research further indicates that employees, who were satisfied with the IT in their workplace, were also one-third less likely to leave their job. The easier you make it for your employees to use revolutionary technology, the more likely they are to fully use it and maximise their efforts.

The strength of your internet connectivity has a ripple effect on your customer service

Aside from your employees having to deal with poor connectivity, the impact of not being able to communicate effectively with your customers can have far-reaching consequences. Slow response time, or poor quality digital communication via video and audio applications can tarnish your reputation and in the worst case scenario result in a loss of new and existing business. When you offer digital communication platforms to your customer base, it’s your responsibility to ensure that the underlying network infrastructure is powerful enough to sustain quality messaging.

What you need to consider when choosing an internet service provider and connectivity solution

Every business uses technology to fulfil tasks such as video conferencing, online transactions as well as other e-commerce activities – all of which require a fast, uninterrupted internet connection. By identifying the applications, you use along with the connectivity speeds they require and the devices used to run them, you’ll have a clearer idea of what to request from your internet service provider.

The speed at which you upload and download files within your business will also be one of the biggest determining factors of your internet speed requirements. These are functions that occur continually throughout the day and are performed by every employee. If you know that your business is reliant on the communication of large files, you need to factor this into your internet requirements to ensure that your workers don’t experience any delays.

Want to get connected right now? View our Connectivity options here: LTE & LTE-A


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